Thursday, March 1, 2007

Lone Star Rising Scholarship

2007 Application Instructions:

The Association for Women Geoscientists (AWG) Lone Star Rising Scholarship provides professional development funding for women in the geoscience profession who wish to resume their geoscience careers after having been out of the work force for at least 2 years.
The awards are intended to cover professional development costs, up to $500, such as enrollment in geoscience training courses or workshops, fees for certifications & licensing, conference fee & expenses, professional membership fees, or any other justifiable costs to help candidates reenter the workforce.
  • Scholarship Sponsor: AWG Lone Star Chapter, Houston, Texas
  • Award Amount: Up to $500 will be given out in one year. Individual awards may range from a minimum of $75 to a maximum of $500. Number and size of awards will depend on the number of applicants and amount of funding requested.
  • Application Deadline: June 1, 2007
  • Qualifications: The successful applicant will:
    1. Have previous work experience in an earth science field.
    2. Have been out of the workforce or working in a part-time, non-geoscience position for at least 2 years.
    3. Intend to reenter the workforce in an earth science field.

**Membership in AWG is NOT required. A complimentary 1yr AWG membership is included in the scholarship award.

Required Application Materials

A one-page (no less than 10pt. font) personal statement, in which the applicant describes her academic qualifications, professional work history, and any recent volunteer work, and/or home activities relevant to area of expertise. The applicant should describe how the scholarship will contribute to her career advancement.
Amount of funding requested ($500 max) and itemized list of how the scholarship funds will be used.
(Optional) One letter of reference from someone familiar with the applicant’s geoscience work experience and expertise OR someone familiar with the applicant’s recent activities that may otherwise be relevant to areas of expertise.

Other Information
Applicants will be judged on their geoscience professional qualifications, as indicated by work, academic and other (home / volunteer) experience, and on their demonstrated desire and potential to re-enter the workforce in a geoscience-related field.
All application materials should be clearly labeled with the applicant's name, address, and phone number and should be sent to, or to AWG Lone Star Chapter, PO Box 542042, Houston, TX 77254-2042. Please note: emailed application materials should have "AWG Lone Star Rising Scholarship" in the subject line.

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